New advertising rules for ‘energy-related’ products

This is a compliance ‘heads-up’ for anyone who is marketing ‘energy-related products’

From the end of March 2012, ads for types of energy-related products (e.g. dishwashers, TVs, fridges etc) must comply with new ASA rules.

What do the new rules say?

From April 1st 2012 consumers must begiven information about the energy efficiency of a product before they make a purchase. This brings the ASA broadcast and non-broadcast codes into line with the Energy Information Regulations 2011.

Don’t forget that information provided on your own website(s) will be subject to the Codes.

Useful information

-> The Energy Information Regulations 2011 on the UK Statute can be found here. Section 9 is the key requirement.

-> Guidance from the ASA can be found here (.pdf 5 pages)



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