UK Twitter libel case £50,000 costs .. and the re-tweeters?

11th March 2011 – Cardiff Crown Court makes an order against the Plaid Cymru politician, Colin Elsbury, to pay £3,000 libel damages to rival politician Eddie Talbot. Elsbury's tweet which claimed Talbot was ejected by police from a by-election polling station was untrue and defamatory. Talbot’s solicitor, Nigel Jones, predicted after the hearing that the […]

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ACS:Law and the file sharing lists ..

Protecting your business Rather than speculate whether the Information Commissioner's Office is finally going to 'discharge its weapons' I thought it would be interesting to look at the realities of protecting your own business from a similar fate. Internet activists, 4chan, targeted ACS:Law during what it called Operation Payback and appear to have 'acquired' the […]

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TripAdvisor, Defamation and UGC. This should be good..

The Subway Vs Quiznos battle in the US courts ultimately ended with a bit of legal damp squib; being put in the 'too hard basket' when a Judge decided a jury, and not the Judge, were best placed to decide who was right or wrong. The sandwich makers settled out of court! Now UK company […]

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Nee Naah, Nee Naah, Nee Naah!

No doubt there will be a lot of  ‘ambulance chasing’ in the next few weeks of data encryption sales; and I’m not  one to look a ‘gift horse in the mouth’.  As HMRC and the government reel from  the Child Benefit data loss disclosure, I’m sure they will receive a great many  ‘have we got […]

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Increasing surveillance bad for privacy

THE Royal Academy of Engineering has published a "challenging report" that questions the growth of surveillance technology and the way in which this technology impacts our quality of life. How, for example, can citizens buy ordinary goods and services without having to prove who we are, and divulge private information to Governments and businesses. In […]

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“Pod Slurping”

In an article for CNET Abe Usher describes how he created an application that runs on an iPod and is capable of downloading business related documents (Word, Excel, PDFs etc.) at a rate of 100Mb per minute! "To the naked eye, somebody doing this would look like any other employee listening to their iPod […]

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