‘Big Data, Privacy and Consent’

Presentation given on March 4th at the Kent Business School, Canterbury, UK

A presentation to help businesses ‘think forward’ and recognise that they will be judged by a new set of privacy standards; standards where individuals understand and foresee the truly intrusive nature of our consumer surveillance.

Balancing the ‘Give-Get’ equation, ensuring marketers use of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is both beneficial and consensual is set to become an enormous challenge.  As the Internet of Things (IoT) takes off and our lives become observed in meter-by-meter, second-by-second detail, businesses who wish to profit from this data-fest step on-board a runaway ‘gravy train’.

New legislation in the EU and the US is trying to put the brakes on, but the behemoth social media services and the IoT has the accelerator ‘floored’.

What will you do to position your business as an ethical, legal and symbiotic partner of your customers?

Presentation slides are available here KBS Big Data final


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Process Russian personal data? Act now!

July 2014: Russian Federal Law No. 242-FZ (the “Law”) amended existing Russian data privacy laws to require that personal data of Russian citizens be processed by servers within Russian borders. Sept 1, 2015: The Draft Law comes into force. It does not provide for a transitional period. “In order to check whether the data operators […]

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Competitors’ names in your AdWords campaign; it is OK isn’t it?

We’ve all done it, thought about it, wished we had done it? You’ve got a great product or service but it’s a competitive market place and some of your competitors have bigger marketing budgets and more brand awareness than you. There’s a lot of people searching for THEM and not YOU. But you know those […]

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Shakespeare Review – Open Data Agenda and the legal implications

The HEADLINE Stephan Shakespeare’s recommendation that; “the Government should institute increased penalties for the misuse of personal data, including custodial penalties in cases of deliberate and harmful use of data.” In particular, serious offences relating to a breach of Section 55 of the Data Protection Act will lead to ‘spending time at her Majesty’s pleasure’! […]

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“I’m sorry, it’s a joint account, I can’t disclose details to you”

Familiar? It is of course a very sensible (required) security measure. What has made me weep in the past is the ridiculous scenario where they ask to speak to your wife, you hand the phone to a any female close by, and the voice/social context bypasses their ‘rigorous security procedure! In a recent security breach, […]

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