How to ace your external Microsoft SSPA assessment

SSPA assessment key to success

Have you been asked to independently verify your SSPA compliance? Are you a small, agile company that does not really have a lot of documented processes and procedures?

If you are, please read on, we have some useful advice for you.


Remote SSPA assessment challenges tackled

Whilst COVID-19 means we may be working from home, the need to manage the Microsoft supply chain has not changed. Our clients are still being challenged with meeting the compliance requirements set out in the Microsoft Supplier Security & Privacy Assurance Program (SSPA). The assessment deadlines are still in place as is the need for some, to have a third-party attestation of compliance to the Data Protection Requirements (DPRs).


Microsoft's SSPA and DPR Explained

Guide to the Supplier Security and Privacy Assurance (SSPA) programme audit requirements


Lead Generation from Publicly Available Data

Using legitimate interests and balancing tests for the personal data you find in the public domain...

EU, Brexit and data protection

Data Protection Brexit Planning

What’s happening, what do I need to do, where can I get more information?

ePrivacy holding pattern

ePrivacy Regulation update: TTE meeting

ePrivacy Regulation in holding pattern...

how to win business in Europe C&IT US Forum with Duncan Smith

How to win business in Europe

C&IT speaking engagement for their US netwroking forum for event professionals...


What's a DPO?

The Data Protection Officer (DPO) is a formally recognised job role in the GDPR but not all organistions need to appoint one...


GDPR in Practice

By now, most of us working with GDPR on a day-to-day basis have discovered it’s not about the legal theory, it’s the practice!

ePrivacy - decision makers - european court of justice - privacy future

Privacy 'over the horizon'

The new ePrivacy Regulation will sit alongside GDPR and will impact your strategic thinking about the current channels you use.