Data Protection – Reducing Risk with Reduced Budget

Data Protection – Reducing Risk with Reduced Budget

Building a compelling business case for compliance was the theme for our first co-hosted event with Cryptshare and SOCITM.

iCompli, Cryptshare and SOCITM North East 'joined forces' on 17th April 2013 at the Sunderland Software Centre to deliver an event aimed at bringing customers and suppliers closer together on the issue of staying compliant in 'tough times'.

We had a great audience from a variety of County, City and District Councils in the North East all of whom face the same challenge; 'find the most cost-effective way of protecting personal data'.

The presentations focussed on a 'risk-based' assessment of compliance, asking the question 'for what has the ICO issued monetary penalties</strong> '? and what Tools &amp; Techniques could we use to avoid the same mistakes.

Demonstrating the powerful search and categorisation capabilities of PixAlert critical data auditor helped the audience understand how they could;

  •                 rapidly assess what data posed a threat,
  •                 where it was, and
  •                 what required retrospective protective marking.

Along with Gerard Curtin (PixAlert CEO) we reviewed PixAlert as a 'Leapfrog' technology i.e. a single technology which delivers solutions to mulitple problems e.g. compliance with PCIDSS, GSCx CoCo and Protective Marking.

Chris Miller then demonstrated the Cryptshare secure email solution, helping show the audience how to meet their Duty of Care to keep PII safe even in real world 'messy relations'; you know, where people work at home, on the move and not all on GCSx.

It was a great way to spend time in the 'customer's shoes' and help show how a well thought out business case can help secure budget and resources to meet the ICO desire that we all 'Build Compliance' In to out business processes.

Thanks to Graham Jordan SOCITM NE for pulling everyone together!