ePrivacy ‘Getting to grips with a gnarly challenge’


ePrivacy ‘Getting to grips with a gnarly challenge’

Nice to do some pro bono work for the digital marketing community in London recently with the Outreach Digital guys in Shoreditch @outreachdigit

The ‘Getting to grips with the gnarly challenge’ presentation was part of our ePrivacy Regulation and Data Protection Act 2018 course that’s now running across the UK (Check the website for more details and how you can have this course in house).

The focus is really on the day-to-day challenges faced by marketing (do we really need to say digital marketing?) and how the new legal challenges of GDPR, Data Protection Act 2018 and ePrivacy Regulation affect the strategy and tactics of the marketing team.

We already see common threads in our privacy DPO work and consulting. It goes like this;

“How is [insert social media platform] affected by new consent rules in GDPR and ePrivacy Regulation?”

“will we still be able to do [insert common programmatic marketing tool] after ePrivacy Regulation is in force?”

We undoubtedly don’t have all the answers yet, the further delayed final draft of the regulation means there is continued doubt as to what will actually happen. That said, we can see how the forces are ‘lining up’. The ‘consent only’ camp, the ‘there has to be a legitimate interest’ camp, and the large SMPs presenting solutions to assuage the mounting pressure in both the Council of Ministers and especially the European Parliament.

We only had an hour or so to cover a big topic, but some great questions from the audience, as always, keeping the ‘experts ‘on their toes.


Thanks Pooja and the OD team for a great evening.