What's a DPO?


What's a DPO?

The Data Protection Officer (DPO) is a formally recognised job role in the GDPR, whose key functions include to;

  1. inform and advise the organisation and its employees
  2. monitor compliance with both the GDPR and the organisation’s policies
  3. direct and/or assist with the assignment of privacy related responsibilities
  4. raise awareness and train personnel
  5. cooperate with supervisory authorities e.g. the Information Commissioner
  6. be the ‘go to’ person and point of contact

Not all organisations need to appoint a DPO – take a look here to see if you do.  Even if a formal DPO isn’t required, you may want to cover the role anyway, as data protection is an ongoing responsibility.  You can outsource the role and iCompli provides DPO related services from as little as two hours a month, depending on the size and complexity of your organisation, and how much implementation you have already completed.  Our service contracts are very flexible so that if you have an issue – for example a hostile Subject Access Request or an issue with the authorities that can take a little more time to resolve, we can make the time to help you as and when needed, with our inhouse privacy experts.

Give yourself peace of mind that you have your back covered.