Data Protection Fundamentals for HR & Line Managers


This course will help you deliver robust privacy management practices in HR departments and line-management roles. The volume and sensitivity of data handled requires ‘laser-sharp’ focus on compliance and accountability.

Who is it for?

Those needing to understand how the privacy and data protection laws impact on data captured, held and shared within the human resources ‘sphere’ of a company or organisation.

Learning Outcomes

  • A deep understanding of data protection laws in the UK including GDPR and key Data Protection Act 2018 schedues
  • The use of consent and other relevant lawful bases for processing staff data
  • What data to secure – where are the vulnerabilities
  • Subject Access Requests, including how to manage a ‘hostile SAR’
  • Monitoring staff, what can we do, what can’t we do?
  • Best practice privacy policies
  • The role of Privacy Impact Assessments and the record of processing.


One day - 6 hours CPD


£395 ex VAT