GDPR Implementation

GDPR is now in force - how are you stacking up?

We have in-depth experience of delivering GDPR Audits and follow up implementation in councils, schools, lead body associations, marketing and lead generation companies, insurance organisations and many others. We have worked with small companies as well as multi-nationals, with those businesses focused on the UK, and those with global reach and global concerns. If you're past the audit stage - we can help you implement company wide and refine your processes to ensure compliance. We'll help build your Record of Processing and demonstrate your accountability and control.

the key requirements of GDPR;
  1. the identification of the lawful basis for processing,
  2. the core GDPR rights associated with each lawful basis e.g. portability, erasure etc,
  3. the requirements for valid consent including provision of fair processing information via external and internal privacy policies
  4. the use of legitimate interests and completing a legitimate interests balancing test.
  5. the transfer of data to third parties and the requirement for documenting your assessment of third party guarantees and the transfer of data out of the EEA and how you have legitimised each transfer,
  6. the record retention schedules,
  7. the Information Asset Register and its importance in maintaining organisational control,
  8. the completion of a Subject Access Request (SAR), and development of best practice tools e.g. redaction toolkit,
  9. high-risk data processing and the requirement for an Impact Assessment, and
  10. completion of the ‘Task Management’ process to provide a company-wide overview of progress to compliance for Board and Regulator use.

Or just need a couple of hours sense check on where you're at.  Join the growing list of clients that have sought our help to ensure up-to-date compliance, optimised marketing and peace of mind.