Marketing Law - The Fundamentals


Essential guide to the laws and codes governing your sales & marketing activities. It will develop skills and knowledge to create and deliver powerful, compliant marketing campaigns.

Who is it for?

For marketing professionals, business owners and sales managers to ensure their marketing, lead generation and conversion tactics are compliant and effective!

Learning Outcomes

We apply the legislation to all facets of marketing, building your knowledge and condidence when dealing with, inter alia..

  • the regulatory authorities and their enforcement powers
  • ASA CAP code
  • Trademarks, intellectual property, copyright
  • Online affiliate, influencer and social marketing and handling user generated content
  • lotteries, prize draws and competitions
  • Fair, lawful and transparent data processing – using personal data for data driven marketing
  • Contract law
  • Consumer rights and unfair commercial practises.


One Day - 6 hours CPD


£395 ex VAT