Marketing Law Fundamentals - Financial Promotions


This course addresses the legal framework and compliance needs for financial promotions – what are the laws and codes of practice and how can you best implement for ongoing success.

Who is it for?

For marketing practitioners in regulated financial services and insurance sectors.

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain greater understanding key legislation e.g.  FSMA 2000, FSMA 2000 (financial promotions) DPA18 & CPRS 2008
  • Build better risk governance to avoid reputational damage
  • Learn role of the regulatory authorities and their enforcement powers
  • Explore the ASA CAP codes and how to stay within the code guidelines.
  • Gain confidence in using powerful social media routes-to-market legally e.g. influencer and affiliate marketing
  • Using testimonials, endorsements and user generated content lawfully
  • Learn how to keep competitions and prize draws legal
  • Learn the common pitfalls with product pricing, APRs, price reductions and other financial incentives.

..and so much more!


One Day


£395 ex VAT