Training Courses

GDPR in Practice: Fast-Track Implementation 

For those that have to actually now implement GDPR in their organisations - this workshop shows you how, step-by-step.  How to build a framework or Record of Processing and how to demonstrate your accountability and control.  Are you on the right track?  For more information click here.

Marketing Law - The Fundamentals

Contract law, ASA CAP codes, intellectual property, compliant competitions, consumer rights, trademarks and 'passing off'. Click here for more details

Marketing Law Fundamentals for Financial Promotions

For marketing practitioners in regulated service and insurance sectors. Gain greater understanding of key legislation, learn the pitfalls with product pricing, APRs, price reductions and other financial incentives, understand powerful and lawful social media routes-to-market. And so much more.  Click here for more details.

Data Protection Fundamentals for Independent Schools & Universities

For those needing to understand how the privacy and data protection laws impact on data captured, held and shared with the higher and further education sectors, indepdent schools and related services. This course will give you greater confidentce applying fundraising rules and regulator requirements, help you manage sensitive data in a pastoral environment, how to handle hostile SARs and much more... Click here for more

Data Protection Fundamentals for HR & Line Managers

For those needing to understand how the privacy and data protection laws impact on data captured, held and shared within the human resources departments. Learn how to handle hostile subject access requests, monitoring staff - do's and don'ts, the use of consent and lawful basis for processing staff data, and more.  Click here for overview

Senior Managers & Certification Regime (SM&CR) - Individual Conduct Rules for Insurance Firms

This course covers the roles, responsibilities and Conduct Rules for ALL STAFF in insurance organisations to ensure compliance with the new SM&CR Conduct Rules training and notification requirements from December 2018. Click here for more details

Senior Managers & Certification Regime (SM&CR) - Conduct Rules for Senior Managers for Insurance Firms

This course is for compliance officers, senior managers, non-executive directors and those with responsibility for implementing the new training requirements in an insurance firm. Understand the application of SM&CR to the business and how the conduct rules apply to the role of the Senior Manager - and more - Click here.