CCPA & GDPR - Solving Pain Points to Drive Business Growth


CCPA & GDPR - Solving Pain Points to Drive Business Growth


California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and GDPR: Solving the pain points with creative ways to drive business growth.

This is a unique opportunity to learn from one of the UK’s leading information law and privacy consultancies, iCompli.

iCompli have trained, consulted and implemented GDPR compliance programs in the UK, the EU and US multinationals and have a wealth of knowledge that they can pass on to you.

This one-day course is fast track to privacy compliance comparing and contrasting the GDPR and the CCPA, showing you the mistakes that were made by EU organisations and how to avoid those ‘pit falls’.


Who is it for?: 

Executives & Managers making decisions on personal data capture, process and sharing in businesses that must comply with CCPA

Learning Outcomes: 

What are the fundamental human rights enshrined in the GDPR and its Principles and how have they impacted on sales, marketing and business growth?

Is CCPA the same as GDPR? How will this impact my business model, what do I need to change and how can I prepare my business?

What are the friction points, how do they impact on your business growth and what are the creative ways to solve them? Here’s some of the pain points we will solve the course;

  • Acquiring consent for future marketing aka getting the opt-in!
  • Using consumer surveillance lawfully and ethically to drive customer engagement e.g. ‘top-of-funnel’ web monitoring and ‘mid-funnel’ email automation and dropped basket marketing.
  • Managing consent over time, the decay of opt-in rights as engagement falls off
  • CRM systems that support compliance and their integration with SaaS email marketing systems e.g. MailChimp.
  • Profiling and Facebook/Social Media marketing; just what do I need to drive ads on Customer Audiences and pixel retargeting
  • How can I keep consent/engagement levels high; the role of the privacy notice, privacy user interface and TRUST!
One Day