Dronestart - The Lawful Use Of Drones in Sales & Marketing

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Dronestart - The Lawful Use Of Drones in Sales & Marketing


So, you want to use drone footage for your next marketing campaign? What do you need to know to protect yourself, your organisation and your marketing investment?

Using everyday business scenarios, we take apart the legislation and provide practical examples and templates of how to comply and how to prove to the regulators that you have complied.

Common issues we address include;

  • What laws do I need to comply with?
  • Does a drone operator need to be trained, licenced?
  • What is the Air Navigation Order 2016 (as amended) and is it my job to be compliant?
  • Do drones capture personal data and who’s responsible for compliance with GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018?
  • Can I photograph the public using a drone?

The Dronestart™ ‘Drone Compliance’ course is built on practical experience and is designed to ensure marketers, agencies and those with Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCOs) comply with aviation, privacy and marketing laws.

Who is it for?: 

You may be the data protection officer (DPO), the go-to-person for GDPR, the Marketing Director or the Head of Agency; whatever the job title, you are the person your company looks to, to deliver the drone-based marketing program.

Course Structure: 

We pass on our ‘hands-on’ experience of delivering compliance programs in organisations just like yours. It provides template solutions with an expert face-to-face tutor who can help you develop a sound, repeatable business process that will make your life easier.

You will learn about;

  • The legal overview: the laws, the regulators and the fines and penalties
  • Hiring or training the drone operator: Contract requirements, licences, regulators and data controller/processor relationships
  • Privacy and GDPR: How to comply with the ‘ANO 50m rule’, is an image personal data, image rights and the privacy impact assessment
  • PIA templates: What to use and how to document your findings
  • Subject Access Requests (SARs): Dealing with drone images and subject access requests SARs.
Learning Outcomes: 

Attending this course will provide you with our template tools and awareness of regulatory and other public resources to quickly and cost effectively deliver a compliant drone-image marketing program.

You will have gained a deeper understanding of key legal requirements e.g. hiring vendors/agencies with a licence to operate, how to use the images you have obtained, and how to protect yourself from monetary penalties and claims for compensation from members of the public.

09:30-16:30 One-day, tutor-led workshop course. Lunch and refreshments provided
£395 ex VAT