Marketing Law Fundamentals for Financial Promotions


Marketing Law Fundamentals for Financial Promotions


This course addresses the legal framework and compliance needs for financial promotions – what are the laws and codes of practice and how can you best implement for ongoing success.

Who is it for?: 

For marketing practitioners in regulated financial services and insurance sectors.

Learning Outcomes: 
  • Gain greater understanding key legislation e.g.  FSMA 2000, FSMA 2000 (financial promotions) DPA18 & CPRS 2008
  • Build better risk governance to avoid reputational damage
  • Learn role of the regulatory authorities and their enforcement powers
  • Explore the ASA CAP codes and how to stay within the code guidelines.
  • Gain confidence in using powerful social media routes-to-market legally e.g. influencer and affiliate marketing
  • Using testimonials, endorsements and user generated content lawfully
  • Learn how to keep competitions and prize draws legal
  • Learn the common pitfalls with product pricing, APRs, price reductions and other financial incentives.

..and so much more!

One Day
£350 ex VAT