Data Protection Officers

Do you need a helping hand to answer those tricky questions that have cropped up or to sense check where you're at:

DPO Clinic: 90 minutes, fixed price telephone clinic - you ask the questions, we'll answer them and guide you in the right direction.  Book in today.

For DPOs, Compliance Managers, Marketing Managers, IT Managers or those of you that have responsibility for implementing GDPR.

What's a DPO?

The Data Protection Officer (DPO) is a formally recognised job role in the GDPR, whose key functions include to;

  1. inform and advise the organisation and its employees
  2. monitor compliance with both the GDPR and the organisation’s policies
  3. direct and/or assist with the assignment of privacy related responsibilities
  4. raise awareness and train personnel
  5. cooperate with supervisory authorities e.g. the Information Commissioner
  6. be the ‘go to’ person and point of contact

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With our extensive contacts in the industry, we can help you find a Data Protection Officer (DPO) or provide DPO contract services if you don't need a DPO on staff. With flexible arrangements for a DPO service from 1 day a month with our leading experts, this represents a great solution and value for money.